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The ONLY Soap+Wipes that Eliminates the Spice, Smell & Burning OffYour Hands!

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Cajun Sauce & Cajun Salsa

  Now Available!


Cajun Sauce & Cajun Salsa

  Now Available!



Our Story

How many times have you been to a crawfish boil and afterwards washed your hands only to touch your eyes and felt that not-so-fun burning feeling?

Crawfish Hand Cleaner was formulated specifically for this reason. I was frustrated with traditional soap products which always left me with burning eyes and lingering smelly hands.

We have since expanded into our first food products, Lapeyreaux's Cajun Sauce & Cajun Salsa. Our Cajun Sauce is our old family recipe from Down da Bayou!  Great on seafood, fries, burgers, chicken, wings. 

Ça c'est bon on Everything!  Tired of plain ole regular salsa? Our Cajun Salsa is a premium Texas salsa with Louisiana roots! 

More products to come....stay tuned!  🦞🦞


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